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Thought of the Week - Chapter 2 in Parenting

I have been an empty nester for the last 7 years but my role as a mother hasn't changed. Every time my son (27) comes back home (he lives in DC),  he wants his home and mom just as it was  when he lived there. As he puts it: "home is a feeling of plentiness". The fridge has to be full, cooked food has to be served and mom has to be available.    My daughter, 24, came back home after 5 years away. We are now roommates and I am back to sometimes worrying where she is at 2:00am and when she will be back home.   And all of it while respecting their privacy, their space, their independence and their...

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We women, or at least me, give our guys hard time for not being always present, for saying the wrong thing in the wrong time, for parenting in a certain way I don't always approve of, for forgetting important dates, for leaving crumbs on the table, for being late for dinner, for biking half a day, for leaving the underwear in the bathroom and for taking most of the blanket at night. But if I manage to pause and remember why I love him; The kind man he is, how generous and patient (with me too) he is, how much he loves my kids (that are not his), and my family, how much I love our trips together and eat...

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