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Thought of The Week - Mantras

We all have ways to stay sane and grounded in our hectic world. One of the things I find helpful is setting intentions. It is especially helpful when working in a team where we each bring our own story, triggers, baggage and personality.    I like to get a feel of everyone at the beginning of a meeting so I ask that we each share our moods by saying something like what color or animal we are today (we know to tread lightly with the person who answered red or a lion that day :) Last week we shared what our mantras were at that moment. They are: Yael, President: "Trust the process"Fatima, Sales Manager: "No regrets"Alin, Marketing: "Own it"Gennifer, Copywriter: “It’s...

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Thought of The Week - May

Historically, May is the strongest retail month. I guess it's the seam between Spring and Summer when women are preparing their new summer outfits.It is the best month in terms of weather (unless you suffer from allergies).   A reminder to check out our  Spring styles we are offering on sale (30% off)  for 2 more days when you order 12 or more pieces.Here is the direct link to the linesheet. *Capsules, Iconic Jeans and Black Essentials not included.   Happy Monday and Happy May sales.Yael

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Thought of The Week - Older, Wiser and Happier

I am 55 today.    The older I get, the happier my birthdays are. I don't necessarily celebrate with parties or big plans, just feeling very happy to still be around. It's a gift to see my kids grow to be independent, it's a gift to have them out of the house and to enjoy my time alone, it's a gift to have my body still functioning well. I don't have the same body as in my 20's but I wouldn’t go back there even if you paid me ;-) I love being wiser, I love to need less with age, and I love to be able to choose who I want to hang out with and to be Ok...

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