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Thought of The Week - The In Between

During market week last week, we had the pleasure of a visit from Kim of  KC’s Fashions. We got on the subject of life, death and everything in-between. She said when people visit a cemetery, they tend to look at the date the person was born and then the date they died but they forget the hyphen in between. The hyphen is a whole life lived. We tend to focus on the edges and forget the in-between. Do you remember to live in the hyphen? Thank you Kim for the reminder! Happy MondayYael

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Thought Of The Week - Showing Up

Last June when I visited Israel, I arrived a day after a good friend's party celebrating her getting a professor's diploma after many years of working towards it. It was a very special event. She showed me photos and a video of her speech. It was very moving.  She had told me about the party the week before. I could have changed my flight and arrived a day early.She didn't expect me there and there were no hard feelings between us, but looking at the photos, seeing friends and family I heard about during the years and never met, seeing her so happy, I made a mental note to myself and a vow that i will try to make it...

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