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Thought of the Week - Alembika Sizes

We have been evaluating our size run in Alembika for the last year, asking our women about it and seeing the sales and here are our conclusions and actions we want to take with the SS23 collection:   * We offer many sizes and we want to keep them all. That is what makes us different. Our ladies get to know their sizes and like to have the choices. * Plus sizes are important and getting even more important with time.   Many of you asked to bring size 7 back. We agree. For SS23 we are offering the same 0-6 size run as before and adding 7 and 8. So what's different?Size 7 is an updated 1X and will fit a size...

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Thought of the Week - Fall Deliveries

It’s August 1st and we are starting to receive FW22 goods! Alembika and Ozai orders start shipping August 10th. I’m happy and relieved we were able to get all fabric and production in on time this season... I don’t take it for granted and I am very thankful to our designers for making the effort to get it here on time.  Alembika stock is available on Nuorder. Capsule groups will be coming, too. Tekbika is arriving in September and After Dark in October. While these groups are limited in quantity, they will be available for all of you to buy. Stay tuned... I wish us all a very good season!  Happy Monday,Yael

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Thought of the Week - Seeing Myself

I have always wanted to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. A photographer once told me that he could tell I wasn't looking at myself much in the mirror. I asked him how he could tell. He said, "You don't know how you look in different poses."  This exchange made me reflect on how I feel about looking at myself, at my body. I started to pose in front of the mirror and really see myself. An interesting exercise. I noticed that when I wear something I love, my body language is so much better! I had the honor to play with some more poses and clothes when Deborah Darling came to visit Alembika in Israel. After many...

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