We women, or at least me, give our guys hard time for not being always present, for saying the wrong thing in the wrong time, for parenting in a certain way I don't always approve of, for forgetting important dates, for leaving crumbs on the table, for being late for dinner, for biking half a day, for leaving the underwear in the bathroom and for taking most of the blanket at night.

But if I manage to pause and remember why I love him; The kind man he is, how generous and patient (with me too) he is, how much he loves my kids (that are not his), and my family, how much I love our trips together and eat with him new foods, and go to a good theater together, and hear music, and the fact that we will both be gone in 50 years, I remember how precious the time we have here is and I forget the parts that annoy me.

Happy Father's Day to all of the guys that fell in love with and married outspoken, opinionated, loving women.


Happy Monday,


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