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We women, or at least me, give our guys hard time for not being always present, for saying the wrong thing in the wrong time, for parenting in a certain way I don't always approve of, for forgetting important dates, for leaving crumbs on the table, for being late for dinner, for biking half a day, for leaving the underwear in the bathroom and for taking most of the blanket at night. But if I manage to pause and remember why I love him; The kind man he is, how generous and patient (with me too) he is, how much he loves my kids (that are not his), and my family, how much I love our trips together and eat...

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Thought of The Week - Graduations

It's that time of the year where we see many graduate students in the streets. It makes me think about the many graduations we go through in life. School graduation is only the beginning of so many transitions and teachings.  Leaving home was one big graduation, transitioning into young adulthood.  I remember graduating my younger self at around age 40 (late bloomer) when I suddenly felt grown up, not needing my friends’ or family’s approval which I relied on so much earlier in my life. Graduating my role as mother as my young kids grew into capable adults going through their life journeys on their own. I recognized the desire and need to transition into a different kind of parent...

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