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Thought of The Week - Staying Horizontal

There are many mornings when I wake up worried and concerned... Business changes require my attention; issues that I might not know how to solve yet. Sometimes it’s about money or my kids or my body that I think might have an illness I don’t know about yet. It all seems quite scary and gloomy when it’s 6:00 am and I’m lying down in bed.  Staying horizontal never helps. Trying to fall back to sleep is not easy because the dark thoughts stick around. But magically, when I get up, stand and leave my bed, those upsetting thoughts leave as well. When I stand up, get on my feet and start moving, it all seems so much easier. I can...

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Thought of the Week - Back to School

Labor day always brings back memories of first days of school and how it felt. Many years it didn't feel good. Am I a good enough student? Am I open enough to meet new friends? Will they like me? Will I like them? It is so nice to be free of all these feelings.   I found this adorable photo of my sister and I. Dana is 2 years older then me and when we were very young (she is 6 and I am 4), she would walk me to school... Look at these cute short dresses my mom put us in! Share your back to school memories. How did it feel? Do you remember what you wore?    Happy Monday, Yael

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Thought of the Week - Alembika Sizes

We have been evaluating our size run in Alembika for the last year, asking our women about it and seeing the sales and here are our conclusions and actions we want to take with the SS23 collection:   * We offer many sizes and we want to keep them all. That is what makes us different. Our ladies get to know their sizes and like to have the choices. * Plus sizes are important and getting even more important with time.   Many of you asked to bring size 7 back. We agree. For SS23 we are offering the same 0-6 size run as before and adding 7 and 8. So what's different?Size 7 is an updated 1X and will fit a size...

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