Thought of the Week - God

Indians believe that if there are a billion people, there should be billion Gods. Everyone should have their own God. Traveling these past 2 weeks in the South of India brought it up again. finding the God in you is a way of living in india and they make sure you get reminders all the time, everywhere you go:
There are many temples people can just go in for emotional support, the mornings begin with temple music everywnere, reminding us to be happy and celebrate God. The famous colorful dots Indians mark on their forehead represent purification (white), prosperity (red), and the combination of the two (yellow), reminding each other as we look at one another. Statues are in every corner, flowers are sold on the street to bring with you to temple, and drawings of an internity flower are drawn at the entrence of their homes, every morning, to welcome the new day. 
Many rituals, many gods to choose from and much devotion.

How do you find God?
Happy Monday,

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