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Brown and Black - Beauti-fall 2019

Brown and black are rocking Autumn-Winter 2019. The 1990s are making a comeback for a long time now. This years' AW19 collections are taking it to the next step. Brown used to dominate the scene and the streets at the beginning of the 1990s. Slowly, it went and became a color one tried to avoid. For a long time, retailers considered it a color you cannot sell. No more. In fact, according to "Who what wear", fashion buyer Lisa Aiken has said that it's a retail myth that you can't sell brown. The coming Autumn Winter 19 is set to prove that Brown is back, this time with an old and trusted companion - Black. At an unofficial talk we...

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A Scandinavian Spring with Two Danes

Comfort, novelty, style and texture. The upcoming spring brings with it a chance for us to get a bit more comfortable. No more heavy coats on rough sweaters with a semi wet head cover. It's time for us to spoil ourselves a tiny bit. The winter has been too rush. If there is a slight chance for us to allow ourselves to treat ourselves with some good quality wool - Two Danes is here to help. A walk down the street to the nearest store for some fresh bread in the morning? Put on a cloud of soft cashmere and hit the road. A well-deserved spring/summer vacation after the demanding winter? Natural fibres are here to let you breathe while...

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