A Scandinavian Spring with Two Danes

Comfort, novelty, style and texture. The upcoming spring brings with it a chance for us to get a bit more comfortable. No more heavy coats on rough sweaters with a semi wet head cover. It's time for us to spoil ourselves a tiny bit. The winter has been too rush. If there is a slight chance for us to allow ourselves to treat ourselves with some good quality wool - Two Danes is here to help. A walk down the street to the nearest store for some fresh bread in the morning? Put on a cloud of soft cashmere and hit the road. A well-deserved spring/summer vacation after the demanding winter? Natural fibres are here to let you breathe while you are relaxing. Some springtime yoga for the body and mind? There is no better companion for it than Two Danes.

Light, no-clutter and functionality have always been key elements in what we know as Scandinavian design.

Whether it is an accent on bright colors and subtle hues, a seemingly simple design that in essence is all you wish for; a garment that puts YOU in the center, where the story is not about the garment but about YOU and how you feel in it - Two Danes delivers Roni Rabl the very best of Scandinavian design.

A long-time inspiration for Two Danes, Henri Matisse once said - "It is only after years of preparation that the artist should touch color - not color used descriptively, that is, but as a means of personal expression." For the respect for color, for the lack of it, for you and for your needs, Two Danes is here. Photos by Bianca Alexis

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