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It takes Two...!

Two Danes has what it takes to give you that special item that EVERYONE likes! We still have some of the LEAVES COLLECTION left in stock, email us to order now. (pssttt... we also have these fabulous images to give you for marketing! Just let us know if you need any)

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Two Danes Autumn-Winter 2019 - Feel at home

meditate Let's try something. Close your eyes for a second and imagine the following - A soft cloud, a fluffy blanket, and a cozy hug. A kiss on the forehead. A warm cup of coffee, a peanut butter cookie - not too sweet, a bit salty. Crunchy yet airy. Some candles. Your favorite music is playing in the background. This is how we felt like when we tried on Two Danes' Autumn Winter 2019. The new collection puts comfort at the center of the stage. It puts YOU at the center of the stage. BREATH Coming from Denmark, Two Danes designs clothes that are focusing on the natural. Putting an accent on Scandinavian design, Two Danes focus on the minimalist,...

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