Two Danes Autumn-Winter 2019 - Feel at home

Let's try something. Close your eyes for a second and imagine the following - A soft cloud, a fluffy blanket, and a cozy hug. A kiss on the forehead. A warm cup of coffee, a peanut butter cookie - not too sweet, a bit salty. Crunchy yet airy. Some candles. Your favorite music is playing in the background. This is how we felt like when we tried on Two Danes' Autumn Winter 2019. The new collection puts comfort at the center of the stage. It puts YOU at the center of the stage.
Coming from Denmark, Two Danes designs clothes that are focusing on the natural. Putting an accent on Scandinavian design, Two Danes focus on the minimalist, comfortable and humane. Their fabrics are natural - made of wool, yak, and cashmere. The garments are designed to breathe, they are designed to let you live, so you can feel at home, nurtured and safe, wherever you go. It is casual, yet also novelty knitwear. It is stylish yet sportive. You can take it to your yoga class and you can travel the world with it. Wherever you decide to take it with you, it will bring Home along with it.
wake up
Two Danes Autumn-Winter 2019 takes its staple idea to the next level with its new collection. Perfectly knitted, brilliantly designed, with fabrics that are thought through from the first thread to the last stitch. It is soft, colorful and well priced. It is a collection ideal for a hectic day. It will support you, give you cover and warmth, and tell you - Everything is OK. You will be OK. We will be more than OK. That being said, sometimes reality is a bit demanding, as we are taking our last orders for this beautiful collection by Two Danes. Place your orders by March 20th to get Two Danes AW19 in your store.
You can now open your eyes.

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