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Spring arrives and it brings a new collection from Alembika

We thought it would never end, didn't we? The long winter with its snow and wind, cloudy sky and relentless breeze almost made us forget that there are colors other than grey around us, that there is a sun behind the layers of clouds. It might still technically be winter, but when in a couple of weeks from now the first flower finally blooms, when we start hearing the birds singing again, it will be a sign of renewal, resurrection, a new beginning. Something fresh will slowly arrive. A world – reborn. Bringing life and vital strength, freedom and personal confidence, Alembika always adds her own style into it, carrying independence, confidence and positivity. Whether it is through a fine...

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Spring 2015 Trends : Dots and Stripes - Tips for Over 40 Fashionistas

By Roni RablA friend approached me and said: “I’m over 40. I’m not model-slim. I’m not as leggy or as pretty as they show in all of the magazines. I am looking for fashion trends, but all that I can find are photos of models wearing extreme outfits: wide-striped suits with a full on jungle looks. How can I avoid looking like a fashion victim and still feel good about wearing these trends?”First Tip: Look for a shop where you trust the owner or the sales associates. They will make sure that you leave the store with a big smile, getting both the value as well as look that you came for.The point of “Trend Forecasts” are to let us...

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Spring Summer 2015 trends

By Roni RablLooking outside it’s hard to believe spring is around the corner, but believe me - in two minutes you’ll be shoving your Lauren Vidal coat back to Storage and start getting ready for Spring! Every time a season starts,many of our customers email me with questions about the coming trends they should put an emphasis on, whether on a rack or on a display window, so to stand out as well as hit the spot with their customers. That’s why I decided to put together a list of Spring Summer 2015 trends, to share with everyone. To make it easier to digest, I split it into 2 posts. I would love to hear from you what your customers...

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