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Thought of the Week - Will you join us?

Spring 19 will be our second season with Nuorder. Nuorder is a program that allows you, as our retailers, to go in and place your orders digitally as opposed to on paper. It is like an e Commerce wholesale site. No more worrying you lost that order! It is in your email. Other perks? It will send you your order confirmation with photos of all the styles you booked. You can also view allocation reports telling you how many tops to bottoms you ordered, pants to skirts and even sleeveless to long sleeve. Your total units ordered and dollars spent are there instantly for you. Want to know what you wrote season to season? Nuorder can show you! Need to...

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Friday Tip - Learn the art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most important elements of being successful online, is making sure you are visible in Google search results page. Search results page is divided into 'paid advertising' commonly referred to as SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO (search engine optimization). Search optimization might be the most complex of all Internet marketing arts, as google is constantly changing his search algorithm, making sure we're all on our toes all the time :) There's no simple way to teach SEO as it is a massive topic, but the gist of it is: the more pages, images, and content you have on the internet with your name on it, the higher are the chances you show at the top. If you...

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Thought of the week - personal stylist

My friend Rozanne told me about a company she just subscribed to called Stitch Fix that sends her a monthly box with clothes that she chooses what she likes from. Whatever she doesn’t like she sends back . She has her “personal stylist “ match her with the clothes she thinks she would like from a form my friend filled out. Rozanne is 75, in great shape but doesn’t like shopping. She loves clothes though! Stitch Fix is only one of a few companies who offer this service. What a great idea for small businesses who know their customers so well! We should all be doing this. Offer it on your website as a service. Suggest it to your customers...

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