Thought of the Week - Will you join us?

Spring 19 will be our second season with Nuorder. Nuorder is a program that allows you, as our retailers, to go in and place your orders digitally as opposed to on paper. It is like an e Commerce wholesale site. No more worrying you lost that order! It is in your email. Other perks? It will send you your order confirmation with photos of all the styles you booked. You can also view allocation reports telling you how many tops to bottoms you ordered, pants to skirts and even sleeveless to long sleeve. Your total units ordered and dollars spent are there instantly for you. Want to know what you wrote season to season? Nuorder can show you! Need to place a reorder? Nuorder gives you real time inventory on styles so you can order it on a Saturday even if we arent in the office. On the wholesale side we gain time! We can service more of you during the shows and in the showroom because the process is quicker than writing. No mistakes in sizing or color because NuOrder wont let it happen and no more reading handwriting that you just cant read. We place our orders with our designers faster and we can run many detailed reports of what sells and what doesn't. These reports in turn, we share with you. Win Win situation, no!? And as any new machine or a program, we need to take some time to learn it. And we are here for you! If you have any issues, questions or just want to practice this with us, Fatima will book time with you! So you have a private session if you need one. She will screen share with you and walk you through the many benefits of the program and how to understand it more fluidly. Book your time or log on to Happy Monday, Yael

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