Thought of the week - personal stylist

My friend Rozanne told me about a company she just subscribed to called Stitch Fix that sends her a monthly box with clothes that she chooses what she likes from. Whatever she doesn’t like she sends back . She has her “personal stylist “ match her with the clothes she thinks she would like from a form my friend filled out. Rozanne is 75, in great shape but doesn’t like shopping. She loves clothes though! Stitch Fix is only one of a few companies who offer this service. What a great idea for small businesses who know their customers so well! We should all be doing this. Offer it on your website as a service. Suggest it to your customers whom you haven't seen for a while. You have the clothes and the customer so why not the service and the sale! You don’t have to be an online store to offer this service either. It’s another brilliant channel to reach out to old and new customers and a new way for revenue. Happy Monday everyone ! Yael image

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