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Thought of the week - personal stylist

My friend Rozanne told me about a company she just subscribed to called Stitch Fix that sends her a monthly box with clothes that she chooses what she likes from. Whatever she doesn’t like she sends back . She has her “personal stylist “ match her with the clothes she thinks she would like from a form my friend filled out. Rozanne is 75, in great shape but doesn’t like shopping. She loves clothes though! Stitch Fix is only one of a few companies who offer this service. What a great idea for small businesses who know their customers so well! We should all be doing this. Offer it on your website as a service. Suggest it to your customers...

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Thought of the week - Happy National Siblings Day!

It's National Sibling Day tomorrow! My mother always told my sister and I that siblings are the most ancient relationship on earth and that it is important to nurture it. I always remind my two children that when I’m gone, they will need each other and I remind them how important it is to take care of one another always. Dana is my best friend, my right hand, my support and my heart. She sees me before she sees herself and as an older sister, she always tries to protect me. The love she gives is pure and authentic. Siblings however, are not just those that we share a parent with but also those we build connections with in life...

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Thought of the week - Freedom

It was Passover this past weekend. The Hagadah story is about Bnei Israel ("the children of israel") who lived and suffered in Egypt and their journey out of slavery to freedom. This is why and what we are celebrating. Leaving slavery into freedom. Why do we need to remember slavery even though we are already free? Because becoming free takes time, effort, commitment, and readiness to lose things, confront fears and dangers on the way. Can we take a look into our own freedom today? How are we free? What is our journey out of slavery? Do we feel free? Can we look into our own lives and find one example of freedom we felt this past year? I took...

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