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Lessons Learned - Digital Power Hour

We had a great community catch up sharing ideas on what works and what doesn't, and how do we work in this new life format. Here are the key ideas: Alembika in Israel Advice: Buy an espresso machine for my store - invite a few customers to a private gathering. masks, gel, cookies and coffee. Mimi from Malawi - What if a customer tries on something? One piece of advice is for every piece to be steamed. at 60 degrees. We all need a good steamer in the store. Jackie from MHP - sent a weekend newsletter with pictures of staff in-store generated a lot of response. Drove next to customers addresses and left a package of cookies and a...

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The Roni Rabl Digital Power Hour Comprehensive Guide (Updating)

Dear Community, As we slowly roll out our Roni Rabl Daily Digital Power Hour, (RSVP if you haven't yet!) We need to have a place in which we can keep track of each session. This is why we have decided to make this page the Digital Power Hour Database. We will update it on a daily basis, so make sure you are checking it regularly to keep yourself updated! First and foremost - make sure to join our Roni Rabl Community on Facebook, where all of us share our knowledge, wisdom and experience in this challenging period. Secondly - Our YouTube Channel is updating on a daily basis with shortened versions of our Live Zoom calls, so even if you...

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