Lessons Learned - Digital Power Hour

We had a great community catch up sharing ideas on what works and what doesn't, and how do we work in this new life format. Here are the key ideas: Alembika in Israel Advice: Buy an espresso machine for my store - invite a few customers to a private gathering. masks, gel, cookies and coffee. Mimi from Malawi - What if a customer tries on something? One piece of advice is for every piece to be steamed. at 60 degrees. We all need a good steamer in the store. Jackie from MHP - sent a weekend newsletter with pictures of staff in-store generated a lot of response. Drove next to customers addresses and left a package of cookies and a nice note It seems like posting pics in store generates much response. Michele from Abundances had a live zoom with a customer and it felt personal - more than a phone call Schedule a zoom with clients, invite them to a gathering. Invite a meditation or cooking guru (as an example) that is also a customer to give 5 min meditation or sharing a recipe loaded with vitamin c. Or any other activity or talk relevant and interesting for your audience. Masks are a hot commodity today. Lia recommended pirateship.com for shipping. It’s 15% off and USPs supplies all boxes, pouches, labels etc for free. Jackie from MHP hand delivered trunk show orders with cookies.
Sandra suggested forming a game with a $25 raffle ticket to win a bag and those who didn't win still get to use the money later on.

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