The Roni Rabl Digital Power Hour Comprehensive Guide (Updating)

Dear Community,

As we slowly roll out our Roni Rabl Daily Digital Power Hour, (RSVP if you haven't yet!) We need to have a place in which we can keep track of each session. This is why we have decided to make this page the Digital Power Hour Database. We will update it on a daily basis, so make sure you are checking it regularly to keep yourself updated! First and foremost - make sure to join our Roni Rabl Community on Facebook, where all of us share our knowledge, wisdom and experience in this challenging period. Secondly - Our YouTube Channel is updating on a daily basis with shortened versions of our Live Zoom calls, so even if you have missed a session - you can check them out anywhere, anytime. Lastly, here is the index of our videos so far - it is updating on a daily basis, so make sure to check it out often - 1. Facebook A to Z 2. Google A to Z 3. Online Presence Essentials 4. Shopify Essentials 5. Community Catch Up Summary 6. Instagram 101 7. How to approach digital advertising on a shoestring budget 8. Later from scratch 9. E-Commerce Roundtable 10. A deeper dive into Facebook 11. SEO Optimization 12. Client's Journey 13. Lightspeed POS Presentation 14. Photography Basics with Bianca Alexis 15. Facebook Groups with Dana Sinay 16. Google Analytics 17. Instagram Apps 18. Klaviyo Basics 19. NuOrder If you haven't yet - RSVP now to take part in the Live Zoom Conversation! Let's take advantage of this period and enrich ourselves and each other!

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