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Thought of the week

Last week I had a chance to participate in an exciting event around high tech and innovation. I was looking at young men and women all introducing a new form of technology to me and the world. All of them were boasting confidence, which at times could have been perceived as slightly annoying. However, it did catch my attention and resonate with me when one speaker I had a chance to listen to said, "if you want to be successful, don't stop going forward, and don't let anyone else tell you this won't work!" When we took on social media a year and a half ago, I had the same look on my face as I did at the beginning...

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Thought of Week - Hurrah for social media!

As many of you know, the Roni Rabl team stands strongly behind the benefits of social media. An online presence in today's business world and in the future is no longer considered an option but rather, a necessity. This week, I decided to share some facebook images we have loved over the weeks and months that belonged to our stores. Hope this adds inspiration for you! We will continue to share our favorite posts of the day on facebook so follow along and see who makes us smile!

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