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Thought of the Week - Happy Thanksgiving!

My favorite food on Thanksgiving is the buttery mashed potatoes my friend Diane always makes. The butter with the gravy combination is just divine. So I always wear elastic waist pants and an oversized top so I can eat as much buttery mashed potatoes as I wish! This year I am most thankful for my work and team. Work is like home and my team is like family. I feel supported, heard and fully held on a daily basis. What are you wearing this Thanksgiving? What are you most thankful for? Happy Monday! - Yael

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Thought of the Week - Standing Together Through Difficult Times

I grew up in Israel where you can cover the whole country in a 6-hour drive from South to North. When we have to visit friends who live an hour away it's a big deal for us! We pack water and snacks for the way. Living in the states for 28 years I still cannot grasp the size of America. Flying from NYC to LA is like taking a trip to Europe. It is hard for me to get. The past few disasters that happened here from terrible storms to tragic shootings to horrendous fires left me numb and not in touch. Like it happened in a different country and very far away. I spoke with a few of you...

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Fashion & Body Image

Let me try to analyze this quote by Osho in relation with Fashion & Body Image. Fashion's relationship with body diversity has always been fraught, says Jenny MacQuaile. In recent years, while consumers are calling for a wider size range on the runway & in stores, there are brands & publications who are reluctant to follow this request. Models are still pressured to lose weight & Parsons professors are lamenting the lack of attention given to designing for larger bodies. This is where I enter this argument. Personally, I feel that this kind of "Liberating" the curvier women & showing them on or off the runway, with lacy mini garments, or overexposing styles, is not doing women in general any...

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