Fashion & Body Image

Let me try to analyze this quote by Osho in relation with Fashion & Body Image.
Fashion's relationship with body diversity has always been fraught, says Jenny MacQuaile.
In recent years, while consumers are calling for a wider size range on the runway & in stores, there are brands & publications who are reluctant to follow this request.
Models are still pressured to lose weight & Parsons professors are lamenting the lack of attention given to designing for larger bodies.
This is where I enter this argument. Personally, I feel that this kind of "Liberating" the curvier women & showing them on or off the runway, with lacy mini garments, or overexposing styles, is not doing women in general any favor. As a matter of fact, it is over-rated in achieving the target of making us, women, have a better body image. This sometimes borders with a Peep Show.
Please do not misunderstand me: I LOVE dressing the curvier woman. This is also my own body and always has been. I just do not wish to lose sight of Good Taste.
Creativity does not mean we must go overboard. Creativity is taking reality and enhancing it - not mimicking a different reality for a curvy or mature body.
It starts with educating our children to accept the other and goes on to us, Fashion designers & Fashion publications.
While accepting myself and promoting body image, I do not wish to lose sight of dignity. This is part of healing and giving up wrong views.
Let's salute the curvy and well-dressed woman - young & old!
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