It’s a mother - daughter story

Many of us are in business with our moms. I am.

However complex and complicated this partnership can sometimes be, there exists one key element that tops everything - unconditional love and trust, that in my case allowed for the partnership to grow and develop.

The challenge for us was to determine where my mom ends and where I begin.
We both did everything when we started and that was not easy.


Kids tend to go the opposite direction of their parents or just as far as possible to find their own voice and independence. I left Israel at 24 and came to NY. I went as far as I could but luckily found my interest in the Fashion industry quite early on and through that reconnected with my mom’s passion.
Maybe letting me go as far as I needed helped me find the way back.

I am always curious to hear other mother/daughter stories. How can we make it so our kids will follow us and feel proud?
How can we do it without the pressure and expectations we sometimes feel towards our children?

Here at Roni Rabl we’re celebrating Family by collecting all stories about Moms and Daughters, and posting them with pics on a special promotional page that would be launched on “Mother’s day”. We want your story there! Please email it to me with your pics in the store, and any advice…

What is your mother-daughter story?What makes it successful?


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