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Yoga takes up 0.02% of my life. How come yoga clothes take up 88% of my closet?
Yoga is a strong trend and so is dressing for yoga; or pilates; or pilat-yoga; or any other copywriter's dream.
Alembika Alembika
8 out of 10 women who signed up for yoga classes are not showing up for classes but instead, going to meet the girls for coffee on a Saturday morning. Wearing a well thought out "Yoga" outfit or designer leggings with an elegant sweatshirt top is very cool. No wonder Stella McCartney is having such success in her collaboration with Adidas. Yoga has become a status symbol in the west.
The blurring boundary between Yoga dressing and beautiful leisure fashion is proven, when top designers joined the race: leggings by Chanel and sweatshirts by Dior. The brand K went even further and advertised an ad with the inscription: NOT FOR YOGA.
Alembika Alembika
Customers were quick to embrace this trend. Why change after training, the Yoga pants into skinny jeans? It became totally legit to throw over the designer leggings, a designer sweat cardigan or tunic and walk directly from there into a business meeting.

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