When in doubt - wear red!

By Roni Rabl I gave my granddaughter a chore. I sent her to go out and find any item she can find in Jersey in color Red, where she shops her clothes. She came back empty handed.
Roni Rabl Grizas Roni Rabl Grizas
LaurenVidal_Lookbook_us_FW15_HD_Page_52-XL Red has been through History the color of Kings and Nobility. The reason being that plants with Red pigment are uncommon in nature and have always been a rarity. Today, with all new technology , we have yet to solve the issue of bleeding in red colors, especially in natural fibers. Therefore, going through all shopping centers, in all price ranges, a Red T shirt is very hard to come by. Red was, and will be, a color of desire. If you wish to stand out - you wear Red. If you wish to make a statement - you wear Red. From Night clubs to Politics, from the office to the Ball Room - women love Red. 2d274907797268-today-madonna-04-150208-streams_desktop_medium_09965f2f662a5120b90a48d3a9d274ad.today-inline-largeimages (1)Tate Modern Pop Art Exhibition Artist love Red too. In the old days we saw Nobility and Clergy; Queens and Madonnas, they were all painted in the noblest color - Red. From the Classics to Pop. Pop artist embraced this color but gave it a new dimension and meaning: Blood. The Red color is undergoing a transformation. It is now a tool for political declarations: against wars, against trafficking in women - Red rules the canvas. Fall_Lookbook_highrez_Page_10-XL In Fashion red is a default color and cannot be left out. It was Bill Blass who said: "When in doubt, wear Red".

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