Valentine's Day, a day to love yourself!

This weekend, when you are planning for a date night out with your beau, or a cozy night in with the sofa and hot cocoa in front of the TV, I want to ask you to do one thing - I want you to wear the best, most glamorous, most comfy, most ‘you’ dress or outfit, and enjoy your moment. Enjoy 'you’!

Valentine’s Day is here not to remind us of being in couples. It reminds us of the best emotion and energy there is to elevate our soul - that’s love. And how can you truly love someone else before you love yourself?

So I urge you, to go out today, and find that one item to make your day! Be it a Prada bag, a dress you have been eyeing for a while, a pair of heels to make you feel all woman. Go out there and get it for yourself today, love yourself today.

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