Thought of the week - Working with a Millennials

This season has been the first one our showroom team worked without an assistant. Anca, Fatima and I are working longer hours with more work. It's been hard, tiring and rewarding at the same time. Though exhausted, we haven't had the frustration of a young one telling us "nobody told me to do it" or " oh, i booked a vacation the week of the show" or just not having that care and stamina we all share and bring to the office everyday. I guess I don't get these Millennials. Do they really want to work or not? How do you hire them and keep them? Where is the lack of work ethic coming from? The privileged attitude? We know we need the younger generation to keep us up to date, but how? We need that "new blood" and their ideas and we need to be informed with the newest trends and technology. What do they want out of it all though? How do you keep your younger staff in? What makes them dedicated, loyal and interested in your business? Happy Monday! Yael unnamed

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