Thought of the week - Venice

I took a week vacation in Venice with my sister. We were there to visit the Venice Biennale art project which hosts 80 artists from 80 countries under one curation, a city wide art exhibition. There is something magnificent to experience art on a city level. The whole city is taking part in this project. We saw art on the streets, in churches, museums, galleries and in buildings. The Venice Biennale theme this year was "May we live in interesting times" . I like that title! Interesting times keep me hopeful and curious. The artists discussed a wide range of topics including immigration, gender, water, weather, death, separations, loss, borders, sex, tradition and rituals, thirst and hunger, displacement, disasters, unheard voices, trauma, discrimination, past and present, all of it expressed very strongly. I noticed I was able to tolerate and digest it all, as it was delivered through art. How effective and important it is that we have that channel to experience the world and let it sink in through the eye and heart, let the body feel it all. And experiencing it all while walking and boating in Venice, an ancient city built on water, living with the sea who knows for how long. May we all live creatively. Happy Monday, Yael

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