Thought of the Week - Thank You!

Dear community,

I hope you all made it back home safely and that travel went smoothly. NY is quite a hectic place and NYers are quite intense as well! Shopping for a season with so many shows and options must be quite a challenge. Seeing you all and listening to your choices was very important and educational. Thank you so much for coming to work with us at Studio Atelier NYC! Working in a show with no walls separating booths made the difference for me. Designers and buyers feel free to share buying information and walking through the show is easy and not intimidating. To us vendors, as well as buyers. Wishing you all a very healthy and strong season. See you in September! Yael FashionTradeShow-1 FashionTradeShow-2 FashionTradeShow-3 FashionTradeShow-4 FashionTradeShow-5 FashionTradeShow-6 FashionTradeShow-24 FashionTradeShow-33 FashionTradeShow-41 FashionTradeShow-115 FashionTradeShow-175

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