Thought of the week - Meet our road reps!

When I first started this business, the term "Road Rep" was just a phrase that meant to me that my sales people sometimes travel to see our customers.
I did not fully understand what it meant.
The amount of effort it takes to take one showroom on the road is astounding but also, a privilege to the buyers and stores given this service.
This month as the season starts again, I want to highlight this fact and introduce each of the members of our sales team who goes on the road and their stories.
I get car sick in a car and cranky and lonely and even a bit depressed when I am away from home for just a few days at a time. I cannot imagine living weeks on the road, eating on the go, sleeping in hotels, sitting in a car or van for hours driving through snow storms, rain and driving late into the night.
You simply can't do it if you don't love what you do!
Special thanks to: Judy, Andy, Jamie, Emma, Teddy, Melody. Mark and Andi for giving your endless time and passion to schlep the brands we love so much and bring them to the doorsteps of our customers.
Happy Monday everyone,

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