The Plus about Being Plus

Last week, NYT published an article about plus size, claiming the variety of plus size is limited. As if designers do not offer anything to the 14+ population. These type of articles really annoy me. There are plenty of plus size offerings out there.
Here’s the root of things - nobody wants to shop in a “plus size department”. Women don’t want to be labeled as “plus” and shop in a separate department.
That is why Saks Fifth Ave, Bloomingdale’s and Lord & Taylor, Just to name a few, closed down their plus size departments These department stores just did not do it right. All sizes from XS to XXL should hang on the same rack and on the same floor.

Plus size women want to shop next to her XS friend. Many smart boutiques do that! This is your chance, as a store owner, or a designer, to nail it right down to a loyal clientele - If you are a designer or a store owner, offer your lines at sizes XS-XXXL! And let the shopper know..

Our upper west shop in NYC does this, we’re extremely mindful of the range of body shapes, and so many of our collections today carry all size range from 0 to 24: Alembika, Grizas, Sympli, are just to name a few.

That is all it takes.

Then, go out there and spread the word on your marketing channels: use social media, use paid ads, use what you have to speak with your customers, fashion bloggers and stylists, and let them know, they can find any item in any size in your store!

I invite you to check our Plus Size inspiration and collection.

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