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Thought of the week - Meet the team!

When I first started this business many years ago, I thought I could do it all by myself. Very Israeli of me to think that:) And when I finally brought on my first three Sales reps, I thought it was enough. I wanted to keep my family small and tight. Time went on and things changed.... it was time to add a few new members to the family... Meet Mark and Daniel! Our newest additions to our selling team & family, based in Atlanta. Smart, kind, funny and professional.... they are a pleasure to work with! Below are some "get to know" info about them and a photo so you can put a face to a name. Come by our...

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Rule-Breaking Beauties who forever changed the way we look.

From Frida Kahlo's brows to Lauren Hutton's gap-toothed grin. From Coco Chanel - the first Trendsetter, wearing pants with Chanel no.5 perfume & with her era defining bob, to Jean Seberg's pin striped sailor T shirts and pixie hairstyle. Alembika AW16-17 All these women and many more, opened the door for all of us and made it possible for mainstream fashion to enable women to choose their identity via clothes. Alembika AW16-17 Fashion offers today so much innovation and daring that it is up to us to pick and choose and make it happen. Alembika AW16-17 (37) Make us keep our identity.

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Thought of the week - Managing our business

Starting the season and getting ready for shows and market week makes me think how intricate, complicated and sophisticated our business is: Being on our feet for hours, planning our buying, making the appointments, and selling the end consumers!! To all those retailers out there who teach me how to do it well, how to have a business that makes money and make women look and feel good, I salute you! Done right, the success is there, the money is there. And so many of you have taught me how to make this is a successful, profitable business and enjoy it along the way. Aren't we lucky to be doing something we love!!? Happy Monday and a great season to...

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