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Fall 2017 - Trends Ruled by Diversity

Prevailing rule for Fall 2017 is Diversity! Diversity is also spurred by a political climate: travel bans, intolerance; all these are enforcing diversity in Fashion, promoting tolerance & acceptance. This in turn qualifies the mix of all trends: return to the 80's, ultra modern shiny/puffy rocket launching outfits, fuzzy to cuddle up, Japonica meets countryside, Romance from Berlin in the 40's, from Athleisure to the Color Block mechanical doll, Prints, from Romantic flowers to Retro graphics & calligraphy of ancient scriptures. This sounds confusing but it just seems that each designer finds her/his niche. This brings a Cross-Generation appeal, diffusing age differences & where once a "missy look" was kept for the mature woman only, my granddaughter, at 17 wants...

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