Stripes never die

By Roni Rabl We are all so busy preparing for the new season and WOW, what surprises do we have in stock for you. I would like to talk today about Stripes! tumblr_inline_nrxjs3PTrN1t8f08i_500 Stripes are never out of fashion, yet they also tend to be somewhat boring, especially in the classic form they are being used, again and again and again. But we do love them. Stripes tend to lend the woman a fresh look. In-between leisure and work outfit and more….. tumblr_inline_nrxjrbT9gO1t8f08i_500 Look at all the photos attached: It is certainly a new and fresh take on stripes. Hagar from Alembika did it again! Never a dull moment with her. Her genius is in mixing fabrics so that a mainstream stripe will be upgraded to elegant urban look, yet not loose the fun we want to feel when putting it on. tumblr_inline_nrxjozUs711t8f08i_500 From bold stripes to very fine pin stripes in pure and sophisticated linen fabrics. The Looks are unique and feminine. Let’s salute Hagar from being able to re-invent the stripes for us.

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