Store Spotlight - Victoria

“Store Spotlight” is a mini project we work on here in Roni Rabl where we showcase our stores and their owners, with the goal in mind to learn and share about how to make a fashion store successful. Here’s the short story of Paula Laundry from Victoria, NO. Q. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? A. my favorite flavor is plain vanilla with my own fresh ( in season ) berries and mint leafs chopped up! Q. What’s your birth date? A. Oct 11th Q. What made you become a store owner? A. Why did I become a shop owner….I had a vision and still do 24 years later. It has shifted with the times and needs of my clients ( I have kept 80% of my customers over the years) I love what I do, and it loves me! Q. What tip would I give…Be able to grow with the client and the times. So many stores are trendy and are good at what is happening right now, like a one hit wonder band. The days of opening a new store front and getting walk ins is over. People need to feel safe before they spend there money with you. Have a client that you can call on that knows your taste and feels confident. They will tell their friends. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. That’s how restaurants happen! tumblr_inline_nqppdtmFFR1t8f08i_500 tumblr_inline_nqppd5BOV11t8f08i_1280

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