Store Spotlight - The Feminine Touch

“Store Spotlight” is a mini project we work on here in Roni Rabl where we showcase our stores and their owners, with the goal in mind to learn and share about how to make a fashion store successful. Here’s the short story of Mary Jo Shambeau from The Feminine Touch in WI.. Q. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? A. Vanilla Q. What’s your birth date? A. 12 Aug Q. What made you become a store owner? A. I had been in retail in CA for 10 yrs, various positions in big stores and met my husband from the Midwest. I moved to WI and a local gal was moving and had her store for 3 yrs. She asked if I might be interested in buying and that was 30 years ago this week and happily I’m still in business and still enjoying the challenge and of course the people, also paying salaries and bills on time!!!! All good. Q. What is the most important tip you can give someone who is about to open a store? A. I would recommend working in the store 5 days a week on the floor, that doesn’t include paperwork, learn your customer so you buy appropriately. Don’t try and be something you’re not. Second piece of advice, don’t get attached to your merchandise, let go of it when it is time for the new season, 50% off, exception is basics in solids. Keep track of your returns and credits with Return To Vendor Invoices. It is so easy to lose that money!! Embrace it, love it and go with your gut instincts (with theft, If you think something is happening it more than likely is). tumblr_inline_nqcasurHf11t8f08i_500

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