Store Spotlight - Muse’s Window

“Store Spotlight” is a mini project we work on here in Roni Rabl where we showcase our stores and their owners, with the goal in mind to learn and share about how to make a fashion store successful.

We’re starting this week with Karin Biow from Muse’s Window.

Q. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

A. Favorite ice cream flavor…dark chocolate.

Q. What’s your birth date?

A. February 9th

Q. What made you become a store owner?

A, I’ve had many different careers, including being a high school teacher, but I’ve always wanted to be self-employed. My store began as an American handcraft gallery, and I only recently began selling clothing that is unusual, artistic and made only in Europe or America. I have a strong aesthetic sense. I couldn’t sell things that didn’t appeal to me. I also like interacting with people and would not be happy as an exclusively online business.

Q. What is the most important tip you can give someone who is about to open a store?

A. Location, location, location. Cliche but true, as I have learned the hard way. Both the macro and micro location matter. My store is in a great town for shopping, as many people come here just to browse and shop. However, I am also on the second floor, and that has been a major handicap. I have a very good following that has been building over many years, but I do not benefit from that constant stream of foot traffic that retail stores depend on. It has taken a long time for even many local customers to find my store, and that is not good.

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