Store Spotlight - Annabelle’s Couture

“Store Spotlight” is a mini project we work on here in Roni Rabl where we showcase our stores and their owners, with the goal in mind to learn and share about how to make a fashion store successful. Here’s the short story of Patti from Annabelle’s Couture Q. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? A. Chocolate! Q. What’s your birth date? A. October 6 Q. What made you become a store owner? A. Because what we present to the world as our style is our “billboard”. It is what people see first thing (like it or not). I always say…“What would you want your billboard to say?” I’m also good at business and have always wanted my own. Good right/left brain skills. Oh, and, I LOVE and have always loved to play dress-up! Q. What is the most important tip you can give someone who is about to open a store? A. Be present! Figuratively and literally. tumblr_inline_nr80jugBhx1t8f08i_1280

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