Spring Summer 2016 - The Art of choosing Newness

By Roni Rabl

We choose mostly the known, the comfortable and especially what was right for us yesterday. This is our default when shopping for clothes, either as buyers for our store or as shoppers.

How can we choose newness yet stay in our comfort zone? Is that an Oxymoron or is it possible?

I thought of a Formula.

Bold prints and interesting graphic motives - look for bodies that will not force the print. Let it flow comfortably.

Use colors as a base to match with complimenting shades - not necessarily same tone or color. White, Stone, Taupe & Grey can mix well with nearly any other color.

We Love crush fabric! It is the highest form of comfort. Try to match same print in crush and solid. This will keep you well withing the comfort zone yet lend the outfit a real lift.


Look for item pieces. Shirts are the BIG one for next Spring. Each of our fabulous collections has a multitude of possibilities in shirts and tops that are Oh, so needed to uplift any pant or skirt. Brainless yet very very needed in every wardrobe. The most beautiful piece may be the the shirt with a very classic fit with some extra added value.


Sweaters, Knits - the most fabulous of all items! Look out for our New knits!! We suggest not to shy of of buying them in all price ranges. From our Japanese knits that are pieces of Art and over to our new surprises we are preparing.


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