Print & Character

Show me what prints are hanging in your wardrobe, and I will tell you who you are.
Prints have an immense weight in molding the message of the garment we wear. Therefore the style we choose carries the immediate message we send out to the world.
What is your world?
Alembika Resort 2016 Alembika Resort 2016
Black & White & Bold are a definite statement: I am here and I love presenting myself.Graphic and Architectural grids are beautiful and send out vibes of certainty.
Alembika Resort 2016 Alembika Resort 2016
Flower prints are always popular yet we, mature women, wish to avoid the country girl look. Color and Fabric play a crucial role and turning it into an updated & elegant look. Vibrant colors and beautiful linen, with a flattering design do the trick.
Still with flowers but this time it is the absolute dress for all Fashionistas. This prints carries a mix of the Orient, with roots of the Japanese prints integrated with modern fashion of the West.

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