Pants, Pants, Pants...

By Roni Rabl In 1933 WWD raised a controversial question: will women ever wear trousers? Pants was not yet an existing word as only men wore them. It was around that time that the limelight was turned to this phenomenon and trousers for women became a trend.
Actresses Katharine Hepburn and Greta Garbo lent it glamour and World War 2 made industry rely on women as their working power instead of the masculine majority who were at war. That is how the masculine wardrobe became a legitimate source of inspiration for working women and those who wished to upgrade it into their daily wear. It started simply with women raiding their men’s closets to find a comfortable outfit for their work in the factories.
A 33 year jump. We are in 1966. Ives Saint Laurent is presenting “Le Smoking” - the first Toxido and thence forward establishing in the collective Western consciousness the masculine suit as a feminine symbol of newness and daring.
A feminine symbol that does not lean on ruffles,sexy dresses or cleavage, but collared shirts, jackets and pants. All these were immediately adopted by style Icons as Catherine Deneuve, Liza Minnelli, Lauren Bacall and Bianca Jagger. 2 years later Annie Hall became also the idol of the heroine, in a masculine suit and a tie.
Today we take it for granted and sometimes opt of sarwal and very low crotch pants which remind us of the once worn pants under Crinoline dresses. We prefer the more sane look of casual and evening looks with sharply cut patterns and multitude of fabrics from soft jerseys to woven fabrics.Women can fill out their wardrobes with pants and look their best from jogging early in the morning to late at night on the dancing floor.

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