Nets - not just for Fishing

1968 was a banner year!
In Paris, Emanuel Ungaro presented his armor-like metal bra, at the same time Yves Saint Laurent shocked with his sheer "birthday suit".
Lauren Vidal Lauren Vidal
The combination, from then on had sheer clothes highlighting the bra, which became a fashion accessory on it's own merit - being flashed out as a fashion statement.
Lauren Vidal Lauren Vidal
Transparency has been around since the 1970's. First came the celebrities: movie stars and singers who showed off their intimately designed accessory, the bra. Then came the night crowd in night clubs and bars.
Gradually this trend found it's way to mainstream fashion. Interesting techniques were developed in various fabrics to enhance this look, and made it possible to "Hide & Flash".
Lauren Vidal Lauren Vidal
Most loved of all sheer fabrics is Fishnet. In all sizes and qualities; mesh fabrics and elaborate mesh knitting.
In an age when the "naked dress" is the Hottest red carpet fare, there is something nearly modest about this Peek-a-Boo game. These nets are Hot & Oh - so Feminine.

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