Manipulating Fabric

By Roni Rabl
The Japanese were the original innovators of the antique expertise of manipulating fabrics. Shiburi is the most well known and was behind the birth of all various Tie Dye techniques.
The Crinkle look became very popular nearly a decade ago & is still with us in endless variations & beautiful fabrications. It is constantly re-invented. The younger generation opted for Tear; Tear & Wear.
knit with top layer of gauze. knit with top layer of gauze.
The most updated version of manipulations arrives from the world of accessories with the use of Lacquer to shape hats and bags. Now we see this trend entering the world of fabric & fashion clothing.
Art Point Art Point
Designers use manipulated fabrics with a slight stiff look. The newest technique is Lamination. A version of Lacquer is achieving multi shines; they are the innovative Laminated fabrics. The stiffening of the fabric is only to a degree where it enhances the structure of the garment. Not all designers opt for this look, yet those who do are achieving wonderful designs.
Our own Fatima wearing Art Point Our own Fatima wearing Art Point

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