Thought of the week: Join us for September Fashion Show!

Roni says that style is something we can acquire and learn if we are not born with it; just like art. You can learn the technics of drawing even if you were not born with that talent. I never had the natural skill for style. That is why I see you, retailers, as brilliant ladies with a big role to teach manyof us how to dress. When I shop I really rely on the sales person to direct me to the right piece or look. So we decided to run a fashion show during the September New York shows!
Alembika Alembika
On Saturday, September 17th at the Double Tree Hotel (Atelier Show), with friend and brilliant retailer Mary Jane from Collections on Court, we will be hosting a spectacular fashion show event. A very talented merchandiser, she shows me every season how to layer Alembika, Grizas and Lauren Vidal in ways I never think about. This time, she will share her secrets and recommendations with all of you as well! Will you be joining us? Please reply "Yes" if you can! We would like to start planning seating as soon as possible. September 17th , 6:30pm. Dinner & a Runway Show! Let me know, Happy Monday! Yael.

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