From Hemlines, to values and attitudes.

By Roni Rabl In the 1920 & 1930, with the burgeoning movement for equal rights & new opportunities for women, Fashion too made a drastic leap. From Hemlines, to values and attitudes. This was also the era when Morality was gradually less overrated. Hemlines were a big issue and vast change in the ability of women to move easier, get jobs and be a part of active society. What is the reason that today’s fashion brings back long hemlines? Though bodies of garments are now very comfortable, following the woman’s body instead of chocking it with a corset, we see a multitude of the lingerie look.
Alembika Alembika
It seems that while covering up there is a deep need to show off a total un-inhibited look of nakedness.
Lauren Vidal Lauren Vidal
Why? This is the way the Pendulum moves up and down, enabling us to keep fashion vibrant.
Grizas Grizas
It is all about Newness, but always remember: “Fashion is what you are offered four times a year by designers.Style is what you choose!” (Lauren Hutton.)

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