Fashion Inspiration: Yayoi Kusama.

By Roni Rabl Since the very beginning, fashion was inspired. First there was Nature, Mother Earth; Fauna and Flora were a huge source for pattern & color, embroidery and print. Then came Art and so there was a new and sophisticated source of inspiration. From the Far East - Japan and China; the Middle East - Persia and India. It has such a force of endless patterns and colors, it overtook the world of print in all aspects, from Architecture to Fashion.
Yayoi Kusama has been a force of it’s own. An Octogenarian today, working from her studio in Japan which is not far from her current living quarters at a mental institute to which she committed herself years ago. Her Dots and mirrored stripes have inspired generations of Fashion Icons as Louis Vuitton who collaborated with her and many others who were inspired by her huge Pumpkins which became her trade mark and are presented in Galleries & Museums all over the world. Interiors are especially affected by her OpArty dots and stripes using them from Wallpaper to Window presentations. Let’s be inspired by it too. We love Yayoi Kusama.

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