Fashion & Art: Inter-Relationship

More than ever, the inter-relationship between Fashion & Art is within designer's daily work.
More & more designers are getting direct inspiration from the Art world & thus build up an identity for their brand.
From Japanese classic Florals to Jackson Pollock, Rothko, Mondrian, Yayoi Kusama & Vasarely - all varieties exist in complete harmony.
Alembika & Japanese Florals
Alembika & Japanese Florals
Grizas & Jackson Pollock
Grizas & Jackson Pollock
Alembika & Rothko
Alembika SS18 (40)3
Kedziorek & Mondrian
Alembika & Yayoi Kusama
Alembika SS18 (166)6
Kedziorek & Vasarely
Fashion infiltrated the Museums. Museums are competing with one another, who will pull up the biggest show; the most explosive retrospective of a living or a dead superstar designer.
Lately, the biggest of those exhibitions was the retrospective of Rei Kawakubo of Comme de Garcon, at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC.
In London, Burberry had a six-day special exhibition in their home - a makeshift two-story gallery, showing past designs: crystals & feathers; embroidery & crochet, next to current collections inspired by the British sculptor Henri Moore, showing his works next to the designed styles, with a super poche cafeteria in the midst of all of it. Henri Moore's creative history blended with modern designs. A reconstructed workshop was placed next to designs inspired by ropes from his workshop also using his iconic striped apron as inspiration for striped shirts & his light installation became ropes on sweatshirts imitating the neon curves.
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