Designer Spotlight - Raimonda from Grizas

Fashion Market Week is just around the corner with exciting lines and styles for Spring Summer 2016. In honor of the event, we bring you here a collection of short interviews with our key designers and brands, to give you first hand, their forecast of Spring Summer 2016. Today we are spotlighting the lovely Raimonda from Grizas.


Roni Rabl. What is your favorite color ?

Raimonda: “My favorite colors are the ones which are related to nature. Mostly the colors of the earth.”

Roni Rabl: What was your vision and where did you take your inspiration for Spring 2016 collection?

Raimonda: "I took my inspiration for Spring 2016 collection from nature, sea and mountains. These beautiful things are my muses.“


Roni Rabl. What are the top 3 trends for this coming Spring Summer season?

Raimonda: "The top trends for this coming Spring Summer season are naturality and the feeling of freedom and ease.”


Roni Rabl. What brought you to be a designer ?

Raimonda: “I have started long time ago when I could not find anything nice to wear for myself. I created some styles for personal wearing and I felt
that I really liked it. So I have started to do it more and more often and
later me and my husband opened a shop. We felt a great success so we kept
going. And now we are here where we are.”

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