Azzedine Alaia - The Last King of Craftsmanship is Dead

Azzedine Alaia trained as a young man, as a sculptor yet his medium was not clay or stone but cloth.
One saw the sculptor in the way he adapted fabrics to women's bodies. The subtle curve of peplum; the gentle sway of a translucent skirt - one forgot clothes could be so beautiful.
No gimmicks, no vulgarity, no instagrammable moments.
He was the undeniable King of superb clothes, superbly made to flatter & enhance the women he loved.
There was nobody like him & nobody with his distinct understanding of cut & proportions.
From the early days of his career, Azzedine celebrated women's natural assets, rather than suppressed them. Here is a broad-shouldered leather jacket miraculously worked into a complex equation of straight lines & curves.
Azzedine's strong connections to the Art World stayed alive. When he moved into a vast 19th century converted a warehouse in the heart of the Marais, he decorated it with the help of the renowned artist Julienne Schnabel. Later he dedicated this building to eccentric art shows.
A great loss for the world of Art & Fashion.

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