Alembika wowing Audience during Israel’s Fashion Week

By Roni Rabl

5 floors under the ground, in a huge building site in downtown Tel-Aviv, yesterday morning, hundreds of people stood in line for the opening show of the Israel Fashion Week. It opened with Maskit - an old label which was started by Ruth Dayan - Moshe Dayan’s mother who is still with us and sharp as ever nd came to honor the show. The label was bought by a young designer who tries to keep some of the guidelines that which Ruth Dayan established

Second came our favorite Alembika by Hagar Alembik. Whenever we think: what else can be done? We just have to follow Hagar’s show.

Endless imagination with exquisite workmanship.

Bodies that flow and hug the body and not least of all - Styling, with capital S.

The models wore mostly sneakers, colorful and matching the explosion of color in the garments. Woven and knits combined in a colorful and Elegant Bohemian look.We salute Hagar!

The shows continued until late in the evening and today too. Young and well seasoned designers are showing the best of their talent and show us all that Fear will not make us stop!

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