Wear flats: new Red carpet rules!

This is the message from Cannes Festival: wear flats: new Red carpet rules!
Comfort is invading the untouchable rule of high heals - practically an unspoken rule of etiquette.
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Ines de la Fressange - a fashion icon wore flats in all her red carpet appearances.
Julia Roberts took it one step forward when she appeared at the Gala evening barefoot. Hers was also a feminist message, women should be able to have the same comfort as men!
Alembika Resort Alembika Resort
Flats dominating the red carpet at Cannes should be seen as a very loud message to all of us women: let comfort rule our closet.
Alembika Resort Alembika Resort
This comfort does not have to be at the cost of well designed clothes.
I vote for Fashion with Comfort!

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